A holiday gift guide, featuring the classic turtlenecks and pajama sets, with a unique twist.


Turtleneck sweaters are a classic style gift for the holidays, suitable for every wardrobe. However, the traditional style typically gifted during the holidays, has become a bit monotonous over the years. So, instead of getting her the standard turtleneck, opt for more unique styles like an off the shoulder turtleneck, an oversized turtleneck embellished with zippers, a flattering turtleneck dress or a bold turtleneck coat.


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Put a spin on the classic gift of gloves by gifting the woman in your life a distinct pair. There are a wide variety of styles from animal inspired like crotched owls to dragon scales and even a ruffled pair, reminiscent of the petals of her favorite flowers.


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A classic ugly sweater is definitely a Christmas must-have and anticipated conversation starter. If the woman in your life is as enticed by the classic ugly sweater as she is by popular mainstream music and memes, then you might want to happily skip over Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and get her a crewneck with popular artists like Drake, dancing in Hotline Bling.


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Make every minute of her beauty sleep count by gifting her a pair of sexy or sweet pajamas. Victoria Secret sells a wide variety of popular pajama sets in fabrics like cotton and the preferred silk. However to be more exclusive or sentimental, get creative and customize a set of pajamas with her favorites, including family photos!


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Make a statement this winter by buying her a unique hand-painted scarf. Offered on sites like Etsy.com, these scarves come in a variety of fabrics and feature everything from bohemian inspired bird feathers and owls, colorful flowers, tie-dye print and subtle earth tones.


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Multi-way Dress

Every woman loves a classic dress, but instead of gifting styles like the standard Little Black Dress, adorn her a Multi-way dress. It provides endless styling options—from short to long, halter top and one shoulder– making it suitable for every season and occasion.


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