S I M O N E  R O B I N S O N

Simone Robinson is an active fashion blogger, photographer, videographer and from the New York City area. At a young age, Simone fell in love with storytelling. First attracted to oral tales of vampires and werewolves, her affection for stories transformed into mediums such as creative writing and fashion.

However, her storytelling never stopped at just words on paper. She nurtured an interest in blogging, photography, and later, videography when she was forced to temporarily seize school enrollment due to an illness in 2010. With a lust for all things fashion, creative and culture, which has lead her to travel to various cities both native and abroad, she embodies a variety of artistic skills through the numerous solo and collaborative projects she's participated in.


"Fashion is an artistic depiction of who we are, who we once were and who we are to become."




1. I am a proud New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn.

2. My top 5 favorite films are Bram Stokers Dracula, Queen of the Damned, Beetlejuice, Hercules and The Blue Lagoon. The sixth is GoodFellas.

3. I was a dancer for five years, and I was also on a bowling team for a year.

4. My favorite words are amour, negligee, etcetera and whimsical.

5. My guilty pleasure is pizza with powdered sugar.

6. I am of Jamaican, Portuguese and English descent.

7. My favorite item in my wardrobe is my black leather jacket from H&M.



When is your birthday? How old are you?

My birthday is December 27th, and I'm 22 years old.

What camera and equipment do you use?

I shoot with my Nikon DSLR (D5100), and I typically use a Manfrotto or either of my two Targus tripods.

How do you shoot your style and ootd photographs by yourself?

I use a wireless camera remote by Insignia and occasionally, I use my selfie stick.

Who are your style inspirations?

Blogger Shirley B. Eniang, Zendaya, Solange Knowles and Sade.

P R I M E  B U T T E R F L Y

Launched in 2013, PrimeButterfly.com is a fashion and lifestyle blog originally created as an online diary to mark my journey into womanhood, simultaneously serving as a source of stylish inspiration for voiceless introverts and creatives. It also became an outlet for self-expression, one that has allowed me to overcome my shyness, develop self-confidence and ultimately, a voice that I wish to use to help others who have not yet to discovered or developed their own.

The term Butterfly was not selected but imprinted early on in the blueprint of my life, later manifesting as a reflection of my journey as a blogger and woman.

Butterflies have always served as a profound symbol in my life. When I was very young, the sight of butterflies excited me. Fascinated by their bold colors and the subtle simplicity of their wings, I would often follow their lead, yearning to be just as refreshing and free. I was so fascinated by these beautiful creatures that I followed one while on a school visit to Sesame Street park and ultimately got lost. Luckily my mother attended the trip and after learning from the surrounding adults that a butterfly had just passed by, she was able to located me.

The stages of the butterfly, particularly, have been reflective of my journey as a blogger. I started out as extremely shy and private (caccoon), and with time, I’ve slowly morphed into a social butterfly, connecting with fashion professionals and covering fashion events such DC Fashion Week, NY Couture Fashion Week and Macy's Black History Celebration.


"Just as a poet with pen to paper, fashion captures the beauty of our flaws, our strengths and our progression throughout our brightest and darkest moments, storing those moments away in a bank of memories that can never be replaced."





My fashion posts usually incorporate depictions of personal style, trendy essentials and fashion issues that effect both men and women in the fashion industry.


Sex, relationships and travel are the primary topics I like to share and discuss in the lifestyle division of my blog. I'm a really big fan of the dynamics of love, particularly self-love, so I like to drop personal essays of my struggles and overall journey from time to time.

Photo + Videos

Being that I am both a photographer and videographer (YouTuber,) I love to share both digital photographs and videos on my blog, keeping a harmonious balance between the text and visuals. All of the photographs and videos on my website are shot by me unless stated otherwise. Check the F.A.Q section to find out the equipment I typically use to shoot my style looks and videos.


Prime Butterfly contains sponsored posts and affiliate links, of which promotion and/or commission is earned. All affiliate and sponsored posts and/or videos will be specified with an asterisks and italicized sentence at the bottom of blog posts and in the description box of the video on the Prime Butterfly YouTube channel.


All content, including photographs, personal essays, videos and other written content are created and owned by PrimeButterfly.com creator, Simone Robinson, unless stated otherwise.